Terms and Conditions

Price and payment

1. Quotations supplied by Plumtree Joinery shall remain valid for a period of 30 days,          after this period we reserve the right to revise the quotation or estimate.

2. Orders that are accepted are due to a 10% deposit to reserve a place in the schedule         then a further 20% due on or before Plumtree Joinery is due to start work.   

3. We may require a 50% deposit or payment for goods purchased by Plumtree Joinery       in advance on some larger projects. Staggerd payments may also be required on some     work.

4.  All goods remain the property of Plumtree Joinery until paid for in full.

5.  Payment of each invoice should be made in full within 30 days from date of invoice.

6.  Payments can be made using Cash, Cheque(subject to funds clearing), BACS(details        on request).

7.  In the event that a customer fails to pay for the goods on the due date, Plumtree                Joinery reserves the right to charge interest(4% above BofE base rate) on any monies        overdue.

8.  In the event that the customer fails to pay for goods in time Plumtree Joinery                      reserves the right to suspend or cancel any further work until paid in full.

9.  Plumtree Joinery will recover any costs incurred in recovering any overdue amounts.

10. Any information, sizes, drawings / designs supplied to Plumtree Joinery should be           accurate and confimed in writing, it is essential that the customer check, the                       information as changes afterwards may need to be charged for.

11. Unless otherwise stated Painting and Staining is not included in the price quoted or          estimated.



12. Any cancellation of an order must be in writing and within the right to cancel period       of 14 days of a accepted signed order. The cancellation form must be used for this           and is enclosed with the quotation or estimate, failure to do this will result in loss of         all or part of your deposit.

13. In the event that the services of Plumtree Joinery are cancelled for any reason after           the 14 day cancellation period, and it is outside the control of Plumtree Joinery the           customer will be invoiced for the work that has been produced or purchased to that         date.


Delivery and Installation

14. Delivery installation dates specified either in writing or verbally, are etimates only,         Plumtree Joinery will make every endeavour to meet this timescale. Plumtree                   Joinery will not be liable for the consequences of any costs or delays to the customer. 

15.  If for any reason the customer is unable to accept delivery or installation, Plumtree            Joinery will invoice the customer for the agreed amount.

16.  Plumtree Joinery will not be held responsible for any damage by third parties after          delivery, collection or installation, work to rectify the issue will be charged for.

17.  It is the customers responsibilty to notify Plumtree Joinery of any damage or                      shortages of the goods, on delivery, either by Phone or written on the delivery note.


Liability, Goods and guarantee

18.  It is the customers responsibility to gain necessary approvals from local authorities,          prior to the agreed work. Copies of the relevent permissions should be forwarded to        Plumtree Joinery if needed.

19.  The customer agrees to supply all necessary water and electricity for the carrying              out of the agreed work without charge to Plumtree Joinery.

20.  Exterior and Interior Joinery should be given their finishing coats as soon as possible         after delivery or instalstion, if primed or 1st coat of stain has been applied by                     Plumtree Joinery. 1st coats of primer or stain do not provide a long-term protection         against moisture.

21.  Plumtree Joinery does not accept any liability for the expansion, swelling or                      shrinkage of any of its products, due to environmental conditions out of the control          of Plumtree Joinery.

22.  Plumtree Joinery does not accept any liability for slight colour or grain variations              due to the natural nature of timber products. Every effort is made to reduce this                issue.

23.  Plumtree Joinery cannot guarantee 100% that knots will not show through any                   finishes over time.

 24.  Plumtree Joinery accepts no responsibilty for the adjustment of spring balances in             sash windows installed by third parties.

25.  Faults in glass may only be deemed as faulty if visible to the naked eye at a distance        of more that 3 meters out of direct sunlight.

26   No liability can be accepted by Plumtree Joinery for work carried out on goods                  supplied by us, from or by third parties unless written permission has been given,            this will void any guarantees given by Plumtree Joinery.

27.  Plumtree Joinery shall not be liable to the customer for any losses, costs, charges or          expenses incurred by the customer for any losses or damage to or caused by the                goods. 

28.  Where goods have been manufactured by Plumtree Joinery and been found to have        manufacturing defects, within 12 months from the invoice date, Plumtree Joinery               shall replace or repair at our discretion within an agreed time, free of charge to the           customer, Unless the fault is as described in clause 21,22,23,24 and 25.

29.  Plumtree Joinery accepts no liability to delays caused to the agreed work to be                   carried out due to third parties or customers changes.

30.   Plumtree Joinery accepts no responsibility for the quality, suitability, workmanship         or performance of products supplied by the customer.



 31.   This agreement shall be subject to the laws of England and Wales, and any dispute           arising out of this shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and               Wales.






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